Amtgard is a LARP game based out of El Paso Texas. The HFS grew out of a schism with Amtgard.

History of the GameEdit

On February 12th, 1983 the science fiction club of the local high school responded to an ad placed in their El Paso Newspaper by Peter Le Grue for an event called Attillia The Hun's Birthday Bash. Nashomi's First Three Years page credits the event with 40 people being there, however, Tawnee Darkfalcon was quoted in an interview with House Lionesse as saying "Joella Starwatcher (Mandy Burgin), Ward Truestory (Monica Livingston), and Tawnee Darkfalcon (Michele Ellington) were born in a small strip park in East El Paso. Peter Le Grue (James Harren) was the only other person there--although that first day of Amtgard has become rather like Woodstock."

However, it was from this small day of swinging a short sword and a small axe with a mostly photocopied Dagorhir rulebook, that Amtgard was born

The RulesEdit

Peter Le Grue, also calling himself 'Sir Peter' charged the group a dollar for rule books originally. In the 2.0 Rules the first weapon making instructions are found. As well as information that we would expect to find in our corpora today. For instance. If you became prime minister of Burning Lands and you were not yet a knight, you became one when you stepped down. A Squire was listed under the classes, 'A Squire is a warrior in training under a Paladin Knight or Warrior with fifteen or more battle games of experience.' Healers were not allowed to heal themselves.

At first BL released the rulebooks, up grading them often until 6.0 was released. Then for nearly ten years the game languished, waiting for the promised 6.1 rules. When they were released some cheered and some booed. Everyone looked forward to the next release. April 1, 2005 the 7.0 rulebook was released, and a system to continually update the rule book with errata to be argued and codified every year at Gathering of the Clans.