Queen of Hearts


"I am neither incorrigible, nor an instigator. I am resourceful, and helpful.”


She started coming to Barad Duin in August of 1988. Her first persona was simply known as "The Unicorn." Her weapon of choice was a double bastard axe. After graduating from the University of Texas in 1992, she took a 10 year sabbatical. She returned to the game in March 2002 as a Gypsy horse-woman, Bella Peregrina. Currently (March 2010), she is Squire to Sir Rufus Grimwulff, Duchess, Sheriff of Barad Duin Shire of Four Winds and Chieftain of the Kumpania (Clan) Peregrina. Her former positions include: Monarch of Barad Duin (twice), Regent of Barad Duin (twice), Chancellor Pro Tempore of Barad Duin and Princess of Drakenfjord's Four Winds (at least twice.) She is seldom seen without her blue & gold macaw, Arthur, and her horses.

Personal InfoEdit

In the mundane world, Bella is known as Skye. She owns Bella Peregrina Ranch:

  • Contact Info: / 512-269-6309
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