SI heraldry

The Free Kingdom of the Shrouded Isles is a chapter of the High Fantasy Society located in Coral Springs, FL (near Ft. Lauderdale). We formally meet once a month (first Sunday) at Sherwood Forest Park in Coral Springs. On other Sundays, we play with the local Amtgard group at the same location.

The best way to contact us is through our Facebook page.


For many years, there has been discussion about forming a kingdom in South Florida, but this goal had been stymied. After finding High Fantasy Society, the foam fighters of Coral Springs discovered the path to independence and formed the Free Kingdom of the Shrouded Isles in July 2017. In September, we held a grand melee to determine our first monarch. Beast was successful and was crowned king.

Monarchs of the Isles

Year 1 - King Beast I


Shrouded Isles is an amalgam of the history of our predecessors - Caligo and Ember Shoals. Both were considered islands in a great sea. Other islands were "discovered" and added to the nascent kingdom. The Shrouded Isles are constantly expanding, with new islands seeming to appear out of nowhere. [This gives players a lot of leeway with regards to their backstories; they can make up their own island!]

More of our lore can be found at the Way of the Wardens blog.