The Birth of a New Hunt

One midsummer evening Aislinn, the beloved monarch of Shadowmist, was boiling with frustration and went off on her Knight, Sir Fredrik.

“ I can’t take it anymore. It isn’t enough that I must fry in this abnormal heat and learn that our revenues are being decimated by those fowl magical mishaps: I come home to my castle and all I get offered are unbearably heavy foods. ‘Beef, Milady?’, ‘Venison, my liege?’,’ More pork, your majesty?’. I tell you I’m ready to fly the coop!”

Sir Fredrik, feeling henpecked, tried to console his Lady to no avail. Finally, losing his head, he demanded, “ And what would her Majesty like for dinner? Would you that I try going to the ocean for fresh seafood to revive your peckish condition?”

“ Chicken. I want a chicken for dinner. Would you please fetch a chicken for us to barbeque tomorrow, my Knight?”

“ My Queen, surely you don’t want one of our poultry? They’ve killed so many...”

Aislinn clucked lovingly at him, “ But look how plump they are. If anyone can possibly find a way to get one, I know it’s you, my brave, handsome Knight.”

Sir Fredrik instantly stood noble and tall. Strutting out to his rooms he declared, “ My Lady, chicken you desire, chicken you shall have! After all we aren’t cowards here in Shadowmist!”

Locking himself away, Sir Fredrik passed a sleepless night. All the people who passed couldn’t help but notice the lit room. The cackling gossip of the old hens was abruptly disrupted when dawn arrived.

“ I’ve got it!” Sir Fredrik crowed triumphantly. “ We shall have a Chicken Hunt, and all who take part shall dine with the Queen.”

“ What kind of half-baked idea is that?”, Lord Ceol demanded when informed of the upcoming event.

“ Has he forgotten their very wings are deadly?”, a warrior asked. Other comments came abreast on the issue.

“ Hasn’t he heard their crooning?”, “ A cow you can kill but killing chickens? That’s bull!”

Gathering his fighters, Ceol stood before Sir Fredrik and asked, “ Why should we do this? “

“ Why not?” replied Fredrik, “ Aren’t you tired of being beaten by poultry? Are we so decimated that those fowl fiends stymie us? I don’t think so. I believe in us. We’ve taken and pecked out a kingdom from this mad land that is second to none. I believe the smallest fighter from a land such as ours, can skewer any poultry (I hope ) . What say you?”

“ Aislinn wants chicken?” Ceol grinned, “ Well I’ve no beef with fighting anytime. Lets have a barbeque!”

With “ Aye” prevailing, the chicken hunt was born.