"Evil likes to make friends with good people," is what Kharma's mother would always tell her right before giving her a kiss goodnight. Kharma's people had a lot to worry about with good and evil, as there was a thin line between the two for the Romanichal people. Gypsies were frowned upon there in Great Britain. Her mother died when she was quite young but she always kept to the advice that rang through her ears in the night. For a living, Kharma would earn what little scraps as she could singing tales, or healing the sick with the practices of the old arts. Some considered her a witch while others considered her gifted. She tried not to think of anyone other than herself. Kharma was supposed to meet with one of her regular clients for a follow-up healing process when she was ambushed. She was sold to trade and taken across the pond. She was able to escape, but has yet to discover more the new lands that she now must call home. Wherever she is, she will do what she must to survive and to continue the ways of her people.