For many years the High Fantasy Society has had no known heraldic badge to represent the whole of the Combined Realms. The closest they have come was the chaos start used on the In Chaos site which is now defunt. The following badge is submited to the HFS as a potential symbol.


Proposed Realms Star

Reasoning for the Proposal

The proposed design is one for which all of the Combined Realms of High Fantasy Society will have right to use rather than an individual's personally copyrighted image as the first image was. It is a simplified design for ease of recreating on bannars and other regalia while still having the majority of the original design features. It is brightly colored and eye-catching for the purpose of PR.


An anulet counter-charged Or and Sable, a chaos rose of four greater and lesser points counter-charged Gules and Azure with spear-poles Sable, yin-yang symbol Sable and Argent.