The Sanctuary of RavenwoodEdit

a chapter of the High Fantasy Society, located in Pharr, Texas.


Houses and CompaniesEdit


  • = non active members, or members that have moved away

Squire ArchDuke Revan Ooga Belmont

Squire Count Nightmare Woodsoul

Sir Count Horatio Lorian


Baroness Anastacia Lightlock *

Sir Grand Duke Davin de la Estrella*

Sir Archduke Matthias Lightlock *

Lord Chronos

Lord Neko Nairo









Sir Earheart

Belted Members of RavenwoodEdit

  • Order of the Dragon : Fighting
  • Order of the Raven : Service **
  • Order of the Hart : Art & Sciences

** Service Knights previously belted in other kingdoms may have their specific belt-name recognized, such as Falcon or Phoenix. All Knights listed, regardless of whether their belts came originally from Ravenwood or another kingdom, are officially recognized and accepted as Knights of Ravenwood, thus will have no special indicator of their differences unless it is to recognize their specific belt-name.

Order of the Dragon

Order of the


Order of the Hart
Sir Matthias Lightlock Sir Davin de la Estrella (Phoenix) Dame Catrysa Trakand
Sir Earhart Doña Gabriella Vega De la Estrella (Falcon)
Sir Horatio Lorian Sir Matthias Lightlock

Sir Davin de la Estrella

Sir Dalan Trakand

Sir Tomalot (Falcon)

Knights of Ravenwood wear Gold leather belts, while Squires wear Silver belts.
Pages do not have an official belt color, but have previously worn Bright Yellow belts.

House of NoblesEdit

Sir Archduke Matthias Lightlock, Viscount Synder, Sir Count Horatio Lorian, Baroness Anastacia Lightlock, Baron Loki Grace, Squire Archduke Revan Ooga Belmont, Squire Count Nightmare Woodsoul, Lord Neko Niaro, Lord Chronos, Sir Grand Duke Davin de la Estrella


Sequence of AscensionEdit

First Reign:2006-2007Edit
  • Guardian: Loki Grace

  • Regent:Synder
  • Chancellor: Revan Ooga Belmont
Second Reign:2007-2008Edit
  • Guardian: Lord Synder
  • Regent: Horatio Lorian
  • Chancellor: Nightmare Woodsoul
Third Reign:2008-2009Edit
  • Guardian: Lord Horatio Lorian
  • Regent: Lord Revan Ooga Belmont
  • Chancellor: Lord Nightmare Woodsoul
Fourth Reign:2009-2010Edit
  • Guardian: Squire Baron Revan Ooga Belmont
  • Regent: Baron Nightmare Woodsoul
  • Chancellor: Chronos
Fifth Reign:2010-2011Edit
  • Guardian: Squire Count Revan Ooga Belmont
  • Regent: Neko Niaro Defender of the Realm
  • Chancellor: Sir Viscount Horatio Lorian
Sixth Reign:2011-2012Edit
  • Guardian: Squire Viscount Nightmare Woodsoul
  • Regents: Lord Neko Niaro and Lord Chronos
  • Chancellor: Squire Arch Duke Revan Ooga Belmont

Seventh Reign:2012-2013

  • Guardian: Squire Arch Duke Revan Ooga Belmont
  • Regent: Yuri Bane
  • Chancellor: Lord Grey

Contacts and DirectionsEdit

Driving Directions:Edit

The park is located on North Dogwood Street - Pharr, Texas this is 4 blocks E. of Cage (Hwy 281) and 4 blocks N. of Old 83.

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