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An all female fighting company from the Borderlands. Closely allied with the Dark Hand of the Rose fighting company. The company colors were white and black. The company symbol was a black snake on a white tear drop. This company was based heavily on the Aes Sedai from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Each member picked an Ajah and a warder. The warders were almost exclusively from the Dark Hand. Most of the members considered themselves to be of evil alignment which is understandable since the Dark Hand was openly evil. No longer active.

Members included: member - ajah; warder(s)

  • Sleet Gil-shalos (Captain) - Yellow then Gray; Ludwigand Draethen Silverlocke
  • Lorac Three Feathers - ;
  • Sable Ravenheart - Red; Pharon Blackhawke
  • Mist - Green;
  • Arianna Windbringer - Green; Brimestone Blackhawke and Hawkeye Blackhawke
  • Sylvanista - blue; Deerslayer
  • Larissa Strome - Green; Ivaar d’Besu and Crickett
  • Dolfia - Yellow; Newt' then Hawkeye Blackhawke

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