The Kingdom Of Shaddai is a HFS Kingdom incorporating a mixture of classical medieval, renaissance, and Middle eastern Fantasy culture, allowing a wide variance of roleplay options for those interested in different forms of garb. The focus on a problem free environment and Second Chances has guided it safely through its first Reign, in which no conflicts have arose. Reigns are 6 months long.

Location: Bill Schupp Park, 1300 Zinnia Ave, McAllen, Texas 78504

Meet Time: 4:00 pm - 9:00 Pm, Every Monday

Birth of the Kingdom: April 3rd, 2016.


Zaerog Norabelios, Baron Sagrell Frostheim, Baroness Accired Frostheim

Greater Officers

Monarchy (King or Queen):

Reign 1: King Zaerog Norabelios

Reagent (Crown Prince/Princess) and Story Teller:

Reign 1: - Baron Sagrell Frostheim - Stepped down due to Family Injury.

- Igor Rocha - Stepped into Office Mid-Reign


Reign 1: Baroness Accired Frostheim

Guildmaster of Reeves

Reign 1: None. Office duties were shared between Regent and Chancellor


Reign 1: None. Office Duties were shared between Reagent and Chancellor

Lesser Officers:

Princess: Princess Lillith


Baron Sagrell Frostheim, Squired by Kingdom

Baroness Accired Frostheim, Squired by Dame Berzerka

Houses and Guilds:


  • House Frostheim: Dedicated to fostering Roleplay in the kingdom through tutoring and example.


  • Blacksmith Guild: Create and Repairs Equipment within the kingdom.

You may Contact Our Kingdom at: