In Drakenfjord, the Tradition of Steel states that a Fjordsman called into court must be openly armed with a personal weapon of some kind. This is a sign of respect for the power and authority of the Crown or the noble holding court (powerful people are dangerous and not entirely trustworthy).

It also has a more practical element, in that every Fjordsman is expected to be ready to defend his life and the lives of his fellow Fjordsmen at a moment's notice against whoever would seek to cause them harm (even the Crown itself). A man who is unprepared to defend himself is not worthy of the name "Fjordsman".

If a person is uncomfortable or unable to enter court properly armed, he or she may choose instead to bring escorts as bodyguards. Since the escorts are at the person's orders, the person is considered to be "armed by proxy".

As a result of this custom, Drakenfjord no longer allows public executions (except of foreigners). Criminals are usually sentenced to die in the arena where they might redeem their reputations through honorable combat. Another side-effect is that the "escort" business thrives in many areas of the Kingdom, especially in port towns and the more affluent wards of the cities.

RP Note : This must be Live Steel and easily worn. No boffers allowed. Exceptions are sometimes made when court is held in an informal setting (such as the weekly practices), but never in the formality of the full Royal Court (such as at events).